Conscious Relationship Coaching


How You Can Consciously Create An Epic Love Story And Find Your Ideal Partner

Understand The Secrets To Attracting That Special Someone Who Is PERFECT For You

No games. No drama. No dating apps.

We are going to show you how to create an authentic connection with someone who is perfectly suited for you in an easy and natural way.

In this workshop...

  • How to openly communicate your level of attraction and interest with each other and consciously choose to create your relationship together.
  • How to establish common values and principles for your relationship.
  • How to begin a relationship with purpose, direction, and intention rather than just hoping to figure it out along the way.
  • How to turn your passion into a dating strategy so you meet people naturally, in fun ways, and when you're being your best self.
  • How to Create mutual Appreciation, Love, and Respect from the beginning where you Love and Appreciate each other for who you are so your Epic Love Story can last a lifetime.

What others are saying...

I wish I had done it sooner, to save myself years. I am now engaged to the most incredible man! I realized very quickly that things were worse than I had thought. I was guarded and defensive from years of disappointment. I started this process because I wanted to find Love and that's exactly what I found!

— Kay

Shane and Fatima walk the walk. In a gentle and loving way, they show you step-by-step, how to create a conscious relationship. They are very generous listeners and they are always on the side of your extraordinary love. I highly recommend them.

— Michele

In working with The Living Relationship, I found love! And I was ready for it.

— Cynthia

The Love you're craving is closer than you think!

Don't miss this opportunity!

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